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I will offer you the world’s best method, efficient safe risk-free. This product it’s doesn’t flesh-colored cover-up. It’s doesn’t hide the old tattoo. It’s doesn’t camouflage. But it’s can get rid color of the old tattoos the old colors will disappear step-by-step. Super actual.

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How to eyebrows tattoo removal is correctly for the best results with ALJEE products.

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How to use the product and  what’S different.

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PMU tattoo removal for

Microblading eyebrows | Ombre brows | semi-permanent tattoo


Handwashing is a critical part of personal hygiene and is the first step in preventing the spread of disease.
It is important to wash your hands in a designated handwashing sink before beginning to work on a patron.
The hand sink is for handwashing ONLY and should have liquid soap, paper towels, and a trash can.
Handwashing sinks need to be located in each cubic.

You need to WASH YOUR HANDS:
When entering your workspace.
After touching your face, hair, or skin
 After using the restroom
After you remove gloves
After taking out the trash or cleaning
 After handling ANYTHING dirty.

In addition to hand hygiene, artists also need to practice good personal hygiene that includes using hair restraints if hair is over their ears, having clean fingernails, and wearing clean outer garments.

  • References : Body Art Card Training Book
    -Southern Nevada Health Distric.