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Give information before procedure.

The beginning. I give them information and talk about expectations and reality. Because each client or each eyebrow is different and discussing the costs of the procedure, what to expect afterward, and any concerns your clients may have.

You need to talk about hygienic such as needles and other sharp only be used once and be opened from individual packages in front of you before beginning the procedure. and when it comes to ink, it should be in a single-use cup and then disposed.

The most common questions.

Question : How soon after getting a tattoo can I start the removal process?

Answers : 3-4 weeks. It is recommended to wait at least 3-4 weeks after a new tattoo before having it removed as this allows time for skin to heal.

Question : How many sessions the olds color or the bad color fade away ?

Answers : Removal possibilities are different case by case. Depends on

  • How much dark the colors?
  • How a deep number of layers?
  • The density of the color pigment.
  • And the type of pigments. That the client has been

there are a lot of different reasons. That’s way each client is different to get that the results.

A case that the color is very density such as black or dark brown color.
The 1st session may not clear (It may differ not much) because it’s very dense in pigment. You need to give them the information to your client to understand in this case.

In the 2 sessions, you will see the difference clearly.

in some cases, it may be more that 3 sessions if the pigment color is very dark and dense. (Multiple treatments are generally required.)

️ Use this picture to explain to clients to understand from the very beginning.

From my experience the number of treatments.

  • For the normal case 2 or 3 sessions.
  • For the worst-care 5 or 6 sessions, for the worst.

Because some cases they have too deep dark brown/black color or flesh-colored tattoos or crust on before were. So you have to give them information from the very beginning and I always take a photo and record video before and after the process as a point of reference. This is very important.

How is it different between removing a tattoo and get a new eyebrow immediately and just remove and wait until the old color disappears and then make new eyebrows?

Answer: Because this technique is the safest and latest from ALJEE product.
1. Spend less time with each client and on treatment processes.
2. From the data and my experience tattoo removal and reshape new eyebrows immediately is an amazing technique that has better results and uses fewer times than other methods.
3. This way you can help the clients become confident as soon as possible and bring back a smile to everybody who has failed the semi-permanent makeup.
4. what’s even better than is that clients get a new shape of brows right away.
5. this way is able to makeup easy. It takes less time to put on makeup.
6. Can reduce the stress of clients is faster. This is very very important and advantages when compared to remove the entire. I mean wait for agin and again. Because while waiting the clients are still stressed and worried about their eyebrows.

From the data and experience that it’s has been successful and accepted for more than 7 years and in our clinic is over 90 percent choose to remove and make new eyebrows immediately on the same day.
Because we had plenty of examples of amazing results for clients to see. This is the answer to the question.

People with the following diseases should avoid tattoo or tattoo removal.

So you should always ask your clients first before have to tattoo or PMU tattoo removal.

  • Give information before procedure download .PDF (Click Here)
How ALJEE works to remove color pigment. ( PMU tattoo removal.)
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