Permanent Make-up tattoo pen.

Setting the length of the needle.

I recommend 7 or 5 rounds *PMU needle cartridge ( 7P, 7RL, 7RS, 5P, 5RL, 5RS). it’s safest for the skin. As I researched, the 7 or 5 rounds needle cartridge is the safest for skin tattoo removal with the ALJEE product. 

  • The needles would not recommend are 1RL 3RL and all type F (flat shader needles). Because they are not safe to use with ALJEE products. I mean, it might be a needle scar. As I researched, the 7 and 5 RL needle cartridge is the safest for facial skin tattoo removal.

And I setting the length of the needle to 1.5 millimeters. But remember, please remember that length of the needle has nothing to do with the depth of your work. I hold my handpiece at 80 – 90 degrees.

What Speed Should a Tattoo Machine Run?

Before starting the treatment (PMU tattoo removal). For sure you will need a properly working machine. Some things to keep in mind are. This issue happens when the quality of the machine is not good enough. it’s not strong enough to break through skin layers. Even though you are increasing the speed of the machine.

But also with the quality machine, it wouldn’t be a problem If the vibration is very well stabilized in the machine. So even with the high speed it just doesn’t jump around like a crazy machine.

I mean, if we have a very good machine that is very soft. it doesn’t damage the skin and gives the results it’s the best. And there many factors that affect the yield result such as.

The quality of PMU tattoo machine | needles | color types | number of layers | density | color tone of the client. Not only our technique. But there are many factors that affect the healed result.

How to select the right speed for the machine?
The machine’s very different in the market. So the best way would be. If you already know the right speed of your machine for the shading technique. (Because we are tattoo artists we always do it regularly we will know the speed of the machine.) then, you need to adjust the speed up a little more for PMU tattoo removal. Because the tattoo removal technique is the same but working a little bit deeper more than the shading technique. And you just keep the same hand movement as you get used to.

For example.
When I do tattoo shading. I adjusted the speed of the machine to 220 r/sec (Revolutions per second) But for tattoo removal, I increase the speed to 230 r/sec.
So, you should find a suitable value for yourself it’s the best.

  • Notice. When your machine adjusts to low speed It is not strong enough to break through skin layers. it not work. And when you increase the speed of your machine it’s jumped around like a crazy machine. I recommended you should change to the new machine.

*PMU = Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup, such as eyelining and other permanent enhancing colors to the skin of the face, lips, and eyelids.

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